The roller coaster

20 Aug

i feel alone.

doing things. prepare for the day.

i’m the one who want it to be perfect. the only one.

it’s exciting at first. but then exhausting.

i become so tired i fell asleep last night with tons magazines on my bed and laptop on my lap.

i think i have tried my best. Still, it’s not enough.

maybe all we have to do is looking for penghulu and one witness. then asking my father to be my wali.

that’s it. we’ll be pronounced as husband and wife afterward.

but my father won’t agree for sure.

as i’m his eldest child. and this is his very first time.

i want to make him happy. just exactly like i want to be.

maybe, i just have to be more patient.

it’s a part of the journey after all. there we will find some high and also low points. like in the roller coaster.

at the end of day, i’ll look back and smile. perhaps even laugh at it.

everything will be okay. all is well. all is weellll…, isn’t it K?



2 Responses to “The roller coaster”

  1. revi October 18, 2010 at 4:44 pm #

    sama bgt kisahnya ma aku 🙂

    • citralwi October 19, 2010 at 9:02 pm #

      Hai revi. Iya ya…? Emang gitu katanya kalo mau nikah. Banyak cobaannya. Tetap semangat yah.. 🙂

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