The Ring (Bukan Film Horor)

18 Jan

Unlike the other engaged couple, we don’t wear our engagement ring.

We’ve never thought that we’ll end up using the word of: ‘tunangan’ whatsoever. We weren’t into that concept actually. We just want to get married, period. But for the sake of ‘adat istiadat’ and family’s honour, there should be engagement ceremony, the one that we call ‘lamaran’ here in Indonesia. Guess what.. once you’re purposed through the lamaran ceremony, and you (or in my case, your family ;D) approve it, they said that your status have been changed into ‘engaged’ (and now you can go to facebook and edit your status).

okay then.

You may say that it’s corny or call me tacky but I kinda like it lately. I even somehow put the word into casual conversation:

“You know, like when my fiancee..”

“Nurse, i couldn’t decide it yet. I have to discuss it with my fiancee..”

“Yeah, this is… umm.. my fiancee.”



When i was hospitalised few weeks ago, i overheard si kk talked to someone by phone. He said: “I’m in hospital. What? Err.. my fiancee is sick, can’t go there now.”

really k? *asyikjogetjogetkayangkoprol12kali*

So, when people ask the reason why we don’t use our engagement ring (whose status will be changed into ‘wedding’ ring less than one month), we can’t say: “Well you know.. we don’t really believe in that concept” or “Based on our believe, there’s no such thing like engagement” or any other sophisticated reasons. 😀

Honestly if you really wanna know… it’s the rings. They are not comfy at all. Everytime we put them on fingers, we feel like a mountain move there….a hill at least. Ganjel banget. Probably because we choose bad model. We planned to go to Soulmate to fix it but haven’t got any chace to go there while the time is running out. Gosh!

Maap, gambar butek. Mau minta seserahan kamera DSLR dr kk makanya..


Help me,


2 Responses to “The Ring (Bukan Film Horor)”

  1. Fitra January 19, 2011 at 2:08 pm #

    waaahh ndk sengaja nemu blognya k cici :D….waaahhh tdk sengaja dpt dr blog wedding lain ahahha…
    smoga lancar yah k cici… *saya mau baca2 dulu postingan yg lain :P*

    • citralwi January 21, 2011 at 4:22 pm #

      Oh ya?? Ya ampun.. kok bisa!! hehe..
      Amin.. makasih ya sayang.. lama tak bersua ya ai.. :,)

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