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Family Legacy; a story about a century wedding dress

5 Aug

Pusing nyari wedding dress yang cocok? Kenapa nggak coba minta lungsuran dari nyokap atau nenek?

Wait.. wait… too old? too vintage (in ugly way)?

Ya iya sih.. the wedding preparation may be easier if you are 23 years old graphic designer, Allison Shellito (now is Rinaldi).

She got this lovely vintage dress from her great-great grandmother’s for her wedding day:

How old do you think the tone-on-tone ecru silk brocade patterned with flowers is?

Believe it or not, it is 127 years old!!

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At the end of the day…

4 Aug

Dear readers (if there were any),

I think i owe you something. I need to say this to you:

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