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The Wedding of the Year

23 Nov

No… it’s not the political wedding of A dan I. Nor the we-knew-the-marriage-will-fall-soon-after-the-honeymoon wedding of Kim Kardashian.

Oh yes, it could be the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Hmmm… Yeah, probably that is the REAL wedding of the year.

Still, for me the wedding of the year goes to…. Bella & Edward Cullen’s.

They had a small yet super beautiful and romantic wedding i’ve ever seen in screen. Gosh! Me want it!

First of all, take a look at Bella’s engagement ring:

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22 Nov

My sister was engaged last weekend. I’m so happy for her yet sad at the same time. She’s about to enter a new phase of her life. I still can’t believe that it’s gonna be this fast. It was like yesterday we played together on the backyard of our parents’ little house… well, actually we rarely played together. I was always found reading at the terrace while she and our little sister creating some new weird toys and mud involved games.

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