22 Nov

My sister was engaged last weekend. I’m so happy for her yet sad at the same time. She’s about to enter a new phase of her life. I still can’t believe that it’s gonna be this fast. It was like yesterday we played together on the backyard of our parents’ little house… well, actually we rarely played together. I was always found reading at the terrace while she and our little sister creating some new weird toys and mud involved games.

However, we passed our childhood together. We went to the same high school (hundreds miles away from our parents), we were even room mates in the dormitory for one year.

Unfortunately, i didn’t attend her graduation day. Nor did i go to her medical doctor sworn ceremony. My absent in her engagement day make it completed.

Dear sister, i hope you know that although i wasn’t there in your important moments, i love you since the day you were born. I might not be the best big sister in the world, but i’ll try everything to ensure that you get the best thing in the world. So, even though deep inside i feel you’re too young to get married (for me you’ll always be…, since it’s hard for an older sister to let her little sister goes, changes her last name and starts new family) but i wish you all the happiness in the universe.


– Yes, my younger sister is going to be married in a few months and i haven’t finished all the story of my wedding in this blog yet. Ugh! je suis parreseux pour ecrire l’histoire.
– Yes, my sister was so pretty on her engagement day. Thanks to K’Didi (who did tremendous job to my face last year in my engagement night)

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