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The Best Honeymoon I’ve Ever Read

27 Jun

If there’s an award entitled ‘The best honeymoon ever written and captured by camera’, it probably goes to this magnificent couple’s:

Imagine that you have an opportunity, or better yet, one day you wake up in the morning and the first thing you had in your mind is that you’re stressed out with all the wedding preparation and stuffs, and then you promise to yourself that after the wedding, you’re gonna take a great vacation. The long one.  I mean.. really long. Not one or even two weeks honeymoon. But six… MONTHS!

How cool is that?

Actually, I have this dream about travelling around the world since… forever! And I’ve been wish that if someday I get the opportunity, it will be with someone I love. Like, my husband for instance. I find it scary to visit a new place with totally different cultures, alone. Moreover since I read about how judgmental someone in some place in the world could be to Stanger, and being an Asian and Muslim (as they said) doesn’t make it any better. It seems like there’s always been a place for prejudice for people like me. But we have to fight it, right?


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The Honey (misses the) Moon

10 Mar

Setelah menguras energi (dan emosi) mempersiapkan pernikahan dan puncaknya mengeluarkan seluruh kekuatan fisik pada hari tersebut (dan beberapa hari berikutnya, jika rangkaian acaranya berupa tanggap wayang 7 hari 7 malam), enaknya ngapain ya?

Ya bikin madu di bulan lah!! *menurut lo?*

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Heading to the Third Reception

16 Feb

Alhamdulillah wa syukurillah..

Akad nikah, Resepsi 1 dan 2 sudah selesai. Sekarang tinggal satu lagi resepsi yang harus dijalanin.

Besok malam insya Allah saya terbang dari Jakarta menuju Makassar, untuk kemudian ke Polewali hari Jumat pagi. Perjalanan dari Makassar menuju Polewali akan ditempuh melalui jalan darat, selama 6-8 jam. Kenapa harus lewat darat? Ya, karena sebagai provinsi baru rupanya sulawesi barat belum memiliki infrastruktur berupa bandara udara yang memadai sehingga belum ada rute perjalanan domestik dari maskapai penerbangan komersil ke sana. Gambaran perjalanan yang akan saya tempuh nanti bisa dilihat di sini.

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