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22 Nov

My sister was engaged last weekend. I’m so happy for her yet sad at the same time. She’s about to enter a new phase of her life. I still can’t believe that it’s gonna be this fast. It was like yesterday we played together on the backyard of our parents’ little house… well, actually we rarely played together. I was always found reading at the terrace while she and our little sister creating some new weird toys and mud involved games.

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(not) Just another wedding

8 Sep

Here is another casual outdoor wedding i found in Indonesia. Superb! all of the pictures are courtesy of the Wedding Organizer,

The Couple: Dian & Rizki

The Date: 25 Juni 2011

The Venue (Akad & Reception) : Maxi’s Resto, Bandung

Decoration : TRS


And meet the happy n lucky couple:





Seragam you mean like.. uniform?

15 Jan

Siapa sih yang pertama kali punya ide untuk bagi-bagi kain seragam untuk keluarga? Well, siapa pun itu, dia pasti akan sangaatt bahagia kalau tahu idenya dikembangkan dengan semangat inovasi membara oleh kerabat dan keluarga saya. Kain brokat kebaya untuk seragam pada acara resepsi saya, dibeli dan dibagikan untuk pihak-pihak sbb:

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Check out our engagement photos

17 Oct